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The Island Way




Art 2013-14

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We've Moved!

Island High has moved.  

Our new address for this 2014 -2015 school year is

500 Pacific Avenue (former Longfellow Elementary)

Text Message Reminders

Parents and Students

Sign up to receive text message remembers.  Text @7484024 to 510.250.3628

Island High will never see the phone number(s) that sign up to receive the messages.


Online Registration
Letters were mailed to all Island High Families with instruction on how to complete each student's online registration.  If you did no receive your letter, please come to the office with proof of residence to receive a duplicate letter.
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Posted by: Tonya Morgan
Published: 8/15/14

Transcript Request
If you are in need of your transcript, please submit a written request.  Include the name you attended under, years of attendance, birth date, phone number, address to send the transcript and $3 cash/cashiers check or money order per transcri... Continue
Posted by: Tonya Morgan
Published: 6/27/13

New Lunch Menu

New Lunch Menu

Notice to Parents

Click here to view the Notice to Parents referred to in the Signature Page.

Graduation June 2013

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Island High Calender

Today: 8/27/14

School Based Health Center

First Prize_Lina Savage.JPG 

AFS West is now open!


Wednesdays & Thursdays 4:30 - 8:00pm

Fridays 9am - 5pm

For an appointment call 510-612-7807

Island Basketball

the player will be placed here